Why Buy At AutoFarm

2 Year Maintenance Plan 

Here at AutoFarm, we know buying a Car, Truck or SUV is a big decision and we are here to help
make it as easy as possible. We work hard to make sure you are taken care of from the first conversation
until you leave our dealership. For most dealerships that's where the customer service stops, not at our
AutoFarm Group dealerships. With a Free Maintenance plan that comes with all new and used vehicles,
you can drive away happy in your new vehicle knowing AutoFarm has you taken care of.

Buying a new Car, Truck or SUV from AutoFarm will help you have peace of mind knowing
maintenance costs will be covered by us for the first 2 year/24,000 miles after your purchase. We cover
your basic lube, oil and filter changes as per the recommended maintenance guide so you can spend
more time enjoying life. So come see us if you are going to head out on vacation or want to keep up on
your preventative maintenance.

Disclaimer: Maximum of 2 Oil changes per year up to 6 quarts and maximum of 1 Oil change per
year for Diesel and Synthetic Oils. Oil changes will be honored at AutoFarm dealerships only. No
monetary value will be assessed or provided if any oil change remains unused, they will be forfeited at
the end of the 2 year/24,000 mile timeframe. Maintenance is only covered on the qualifying vehicle
purchased from an AutoFarm location and cannot be used on any other vehicle. Please see dealer for
any additional questions

Hassle Free 3-Day/300 Mile Exchange

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time for everyone. The thrill, the rush and we want to make
sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. At AutoFarm, your satisfaction is our top priority
that's why we provide as much information as possible about our vehicles up front. The vehicle walk
around, test drive and autocheck report are there so you can make the right choice the first time
around. Sometimes, things change what you need in a vehicle even after you purchase and we
understand that. That is why AutoFarm is offering our 3-day/300 mile, no hassle, exchange service with
every vehicle purchased.

If for some reason you are in need of a different vehicle than the one you purchased we will be
happy to work with you to get you what you need so you can spend more time with the people and
things that really matter to you. We want to earn your business so we can build lasting relationships.

Disclaimer: Vehicle cannot be returned for a refund and can only be exchanged for another
vehicle. Vehicle must be exchanged for another vehicle in our inventory. Please see dealer for any
additional questions

Courtesy 48 State Delivery

It is always best to have a world class delivery experience at one of our facilities but if that is not
convenient we have some options for you.

Another AutoFarm Customer Commitment to you is we offer free vehicle delivery for our
customers within 1000 miles of the selling dealership. If you end up being outside the 1000 mile radius
don't stress, we work with several competitive shipping companies to make sure you get the best rate
possible. Buying a car shouldn't ever be difficult and we strive to give you the best experience possible
so you can focus on the things that matter most. Only applicable to Retail Customers. Please contact
dealer for any additional questions.

Courtesy 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Run out of gas, lock your keys in your car, get a flat tire, the car won't start and it always
happens when you least expect it. We don't want you to stress these small inconveniences so we
include a minimum of 2 years/24,000 miles of Roadside Assistance from the date of purchase, for your
piece of mind. We want you safe out there so you can enjoy life, rather than watch it pass you buy from
the side of the road!

Towing, Battery Service, Flat Tire Assistance, Fuel Assistance, Lockout Assistance

Please see dealer for details.

Paintless Dent Repair

You're at the grocery store putting your items in the trunk of your car. From out of nowhere,
across the parking lot it seems, a rogue cart gets swept up by a wind gust and comes careening into your
passenger door. You hear the thud and walk around to see the offending metal cage on wheels sitting
there almost as if it is proud of the ding it left in your car door.

Does this happen all the time? No, we understand that sometimes it is the most random of
circumstances can result in a ding in your car or truck. We know that you take pride in your new vehicle
and we want it to stay looking sharp. So we are providing a Paintless Dent Repair when you purchase a
vehicle from us good for a couple of these minor repairable dings that come out of nowhere.
Unfortunately, this isn't going to cover a weekend at the track racing and rubbing! Paintless Dent
Removal has its limitations, but we will do what we can to make it look as good as it did.

Please see or contact us for details

Lifetime Tire Rotations

It might be surprising but your vehicles tires are the most important things when it comes to
safety. They are the only thing connecting you to the road, so we want to make sure they are in safe
condition at all times. Simply allowing us to look at and rotate your tires can help prevent other
potential failures on your vehicle like ball joints, tie rod ends and alignment wear issues. Bring the
vehicle you purchased from any AutoFarm location and we will rotate your tires at no additional cost for
as long as you own it. Although, if you buy tires from us for another vehicle you own AutoFarm we will
rotate those tires for free as well. Please contact dealer for any additional questions.

Certified Pre-Owned Commitment

Selling a vehicle in great condition you should not have problems with, is common sense to us.
That's why at AutoFarm, our certified vehicles come with a 3 day/300 mile vehicle exchange guarantee
and a 4 month/4,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty. We want to protect you from unforeseen
problems that may happen and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Although our certified vehicles
go through a comprehensive vehicle inspection by Factory Certified Technicians ensuring only the highest
quality vehicles pass this rigorous inspection, things occasionally do happen. Also, part of our inspection
is to ensure you that the vehicle you are purchasing has an undamaged vehicle history report.

Please see or contact us for additional details and any questions about specific vehicles.

Courtesy Shuttle, Loaner Cars or Rental Cars

We know your transportation is important to you and getting it serviced and repaired is not
always as convenient as it should be. At AutoFarm we strive to accommodate every customer's needs
by providing a courtesy shuttle to take you where you need to go or loaner cars by availability while you
are getting you vehicle serviced or repaired.

Rental cars and Mobility vehicles are also available should you need vehicle for a special trip or
an extended period of time. Mobility vehicle rentals may need additional time to arrange at some

We know life keeps you on the go and we want to keep up with that. Unfortunately, just
because your car is in the shop life doesn't stop. So as long as we have a vehicle available we will let you
use it. If we do not have one available we have a free shuttle service that can get you where you need to
go. Just contact our service department and set an appointment and let them know you need a ride or a
car. As long as we know ahead of time we will do our best to make sure one option is available for you
because they are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact dealer for any additional questions.

Windshield Rock Chip Repair

We know rock chips can be aggravating so to make life and your windshield a little clearer. We
are offering 2 free rock chip repairs per year as part of our AutoFarm Customer Commitment. Granted
depending on the size of the rock chip we will do our best because we can only repair small chips.